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Train your misbehaving dog
Improve your life and your dogs life

Destructive Behavior

Leash Puling

Jumping Up

Counter Surfing

Early training helps ensure your puppy will establish good habits and keep unwanted habits from developing.......

We will help you build the foundation of good communication, mutual trust, and respect with your dog while using techniques that are fair, fun, easy and effective.

This is a continuation of the Basic Obedience class.  In this set of lessons we will be pushing and expecting more from your pet. Off leash obedience is essential to a happy owner and a healthy dog.........

The Boarding School program, like all of Canine Unleashed's programs, is individually tailored to your dog. The difference is that this is a very intensive curriculum in which the dog lives at the home training facility.....

Take it to the Ring. 


Canine Unleashed offers professional dog training classes that specialize in AKC Competition.....

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