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Look at what our clients think about us!!!!!

Dog Training Cynthiana Kentucky
Dog Training Paris Kentucky

"We have probably had 15 dogs in our family over the years. Then a year

ago, Sophie came into our life. We have never had a dog nearly as big as a
lab and knew we were going to have her trained or she was going to damage
someone or something (probably me). I took her to training with Canine Unleashed. On the first day of training, I remember Tommy being concerned with me as she was totally out of control and simply a wild but lovable lab. About 13 weeks later I took her into the same store with out a lead and she paid attention to every command and was as calm as could be.

All this change was because of Tommy Dillon's coaching and training. I
think his success is that he is not really a dog trainer as much as he is a
trainer of humans who in turn train their dogs.

 Thank you Tommy for making our life with Sophie so rewarding."

  Jerry Osteryoung

Dog Training Versailles Kentucky
Dog Training Winchester Kentucky

Recently we had an issue with our puppy trying and definitely biting. We heard about Canine Unleashed, LLC and decided to send her for some behavioral issues we were having. Thank you Tommy Dillon and Vickie Dillon we are now enjoying being with our puppy and we are following your instructions. We are making big progress through your techniques, she is definitely getting that we are in control and she needs to do what we want, not what she wants. Sure we know we have to do our part in the training and believe me we are. She is so much more enjoyable to be with and to love on. Again we thank you, as I write this she is lying perfectly still on the couch enjoying family time.


Kelly Rose

Dog training Lexington Kentucky

I'm moving back to Tallahassee, FL and had hoped to get you to train another dog for me.  Sammie died of cancer, not to long ago, and today I got a remark of how wonderful his behavior was.  I gave you all the credit.  I thank you for the 8 years you gave me with the best dog for me.  When you trained him he was so unmanageable I was ready to take him to the pound.  He was so good in his life after your training that everyone thought he was my service dog.  He lived the best life for a hunting dog.  He treed bobcats, bear cubs and chased deer.  Sammie was protective, too.  Never hurting anyone, just reminding them this was his yard.  Thank you for training my Rhodesian Ridgeback.  I wish you were still in Tallahassee.


Laurel Derbonne



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